Weekly Wisdom #367 – Starting 2016 With a BANG!

Weekly Wisdom #367 – Starting 2016 With a BANG!

They say that the

smoothest rocks come from the harshest part of the stream. Just like

some of your most incredible successes come from the toughest parts of

your life!

And as we leave the 2015 year and head into the 2016 Dean Graziosi

year, I want to share with everyone how important it is to understand

that failing at something isn’t the end of your dream or the end of your

future, but GIVING UP is!

I think about so many of my students

who were going through some of the toughest parts in their lives that

decided that giving up, laying down, backing off from their dreams was


And you know what, 2016 is YOUR YEAR to say

“Heck no! There is no way I am giving up! If I get knocked down I am

going to stand back up! If I fail, I’m gonna learn to succeed!”


go watch this special FINAL Weekly Wisdom of 2015 and find out how to

keep your mind focused on the OUTCOME of your actions, rather than the

obstacles you may face. And how in a few weeks I am doing something so

special, that it is something I have NEVER done in my entire career.

This is going to blow your mind! Watch now!

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Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!

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