How You Can Turn Your Negatives Into Positives: From The Ashes You Will Rise. Tai Lopez Thought Of Day

The question that I get the most is Tai Lopez, How did you turn your life about? How were you able make it in business with only post_content#x3C;/span>47 in your bank account? And the response is when you are at your lowest point in your lifetime that you should be your most happy. Now that sounds a little farfetched, but hear me out. When you neglect you ponder This quote is directly from a Tony Robbins book that my mother gave me when I was sleeping on a couch which completely changed the trajectory of my life. This quote reminded me that when something in your life is not going right, whether it’s your financing being a wreck or a partner dropped you, that is the best time for you to ponder. When you neglect you should take time to think and reassess, that way you are able to come back even stronger than you were before. My second mentor Allan Nation said that the definition of an entrepreneur is someone that recreates the world within their own image. So when you think you are out and down you really remember, have the clearest path to recreating your world in the exact manner you want it.